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FIFA 2014 – PS3 – Celebration Cheats & Codes

FIFA 2014 PS3 celebration cheats and codes for all players and scenarios for PS3 FIFA 2014 celebration cheats and codes. Here users will find various codes to use for PS3 in celebration kicking a goal in FIFA 2013!

Running Celebration Moves

One Arm Raised – Circle
Thumb Suck – Square
Ear Twist – Triangle
Finger Points – Tap Circle Hold Circle
Arms Out – Tap Square Hold Square
Wrist Flick – Tap Triangle Hold Triangle

Finishing Moves Selection 1

Show Respect – Hold L1 double tap Circle
Bottom Dance – Hold L1 double tap Square

Finishing Moves Selection 2

Punch and Dodge – Hold L1, hold Left
Chest Slide – Hold L1, press Down then Up
Head Shake – Hold L1, press Left then Right
Signature Move – Press X

Finishing Moves Selection 3

Back Flip – Hold L1, Click UP, X, and X
Hand Spring – Hold L1 Spin it rightside clockwise
Double Back Flip – Hold L1, and Spin L3 Counter-Clockwise
Shoe Shine – Hold L2 and press Circle

Finishing Moves Selection 4

Violinist – Hold L2, Press Square
Spanish Archer – Hold L2, press Triangle
Movember – Hold L2, press Circle
Hands on Ears – Hold L2, press Square
Heel Taps – Hold L2, press Triangle
Knee Slide Arms Out – Hold L2, and hold Up on keypad
I Can’t Hear you – Hold L2, click and hold Right on keypad

Finishing Moves Selection 5:

Side Slide – Hold L2, and hold down left keypad
Brick Fail – Hold L2, and hold right side Left
Knee Slide – Hold L2, slide right side Up and then Down
Samba Dance – Hold L2, slide right side Left and then Right
Who Am I – Hold L2, slide right side Right and then Left
Front Flip (Torero) – Hold L2, Slide right side Up 2x.

Finishing Moves Selection 6:

Knee Slide to Sit – Hold L2, slide right side down 2x
Bird Walk – Hold L2, slide ri Left
Flip (Agile Players) or Cartwheel – Hold L2/LT Spin RS Clockwise
Twist Flip (Agile Players) or Cartwheel Roll – Hold L2/LT Spin RS Counter-Clockwise
Robot – Hold L2/LT Press RS

Finishing Moves Selection 7

If I Catch You – Hold R2 Press R3
Why Always Me – Hold R1/RB Double Tap Triangle
Surfer – Hold R1, Hold left on keypad
Kiss The Pitch – Hold R2 Double Tap Circle
Pit Bull – Hold R1 Press Circle

Pro Un-lockables Selection 1

Many Bows – Hold R2, Hold right keypad Up button
Pardon – Hold R2, Hold rightside button Right
Fall To Knees & Beg – Hold R2, Hold Right side Down button

Pro Un-lockables Selection 2:

Back-flip – Hold R2 Double Tap Square
Slide on Back – Hold R1, Double Tap Square
Cockroach – Hold R1, press R3

Pro Un-lockables Selection 3:

River Dance – Hold R1, slide R3 Up 2x
Break Dance – Hold R1, Slide R3 Right 2x
Praise on Knees – Hold R2/hold keypad left

Pro Un-lockables Selection 4:

Backwards Worm – Hold R1 Spin R3 Counter-Clockwise
Uncontrolled Backflip – Hold R2, Spin R3 Clockwise
Handstand – Hold R2, Spin R3 Counter-Clockwise

Pro Un-lockables Selection 5:

Spin and Fail – Hold R2, Slide R3 Up 2x
Rowing On Knees – Hold R2, Slide R3 Left 2x
Seated Rowing – Hold R2, Slide R3 Right 2x

Pro Un-lockables Selection 6:

Knee Walk – Hold R2, Press Square
Cradle Swing – Hold R2, Press Triangle
Baby – Hold R2 Double Tap Triangle

Pro Un-lockables Selection 7:

Flying Dive – Hold R1, press R3 Up
Karate Kicks – Hold R1, Hold R3 Right
Jump Kicks – Hold R1, hold R3 Down

Pro Un-lockables Selection 8:

Ice Skating – Hold R1, Slide R3 down and then up
Golf Swing – Hold R1, Slide R3 right and then left

Pro Un-lockables Selection 9:
Dance 1 – Hold R2, slide R3 Down and then Up
Dance 2 – Hold R2, slide R3 Up and then Down

Pro Un-lockables Selection 10:

Dance 3 – Hold R2, R3 Left and then Right
Dance 4 – Hold R2, Slide R3 Right and then Left

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